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KeysMasa: we at Gold Coast Recorders are fans of unusual vintage synths, electro-acoustic pianos, and keyboards.  Please check back in as the collection is sure to grow.  Here is our current in-house roster.

GCR_PianoBaldwin baby grand Piano

Wurlitzer200The Wurlitzer 200.  This one never gets old.  Or maybe it’s so old it doesn’t matter.

AcrosonicOur beloved Baldwin Acrosonic piano -not as ‘big’ as the baby grand but sometimes this is what ya want!


GCR’s Yamaha CP70, queen of the electric piano.  This 400lb monster is an actual acoustic piano with a pickup built in.  “The Sound Of 80s Pop And Rock” here for you.

SixTrakThe circa 1983 Sequential Circuits Six-Trak polysynth.  First choice for synth pads.  Has MIDI and an arpeggiator too.


Hey kid, ya like Goblin?  Witness: the Crumar Trilogy, gigantic italian synth/organ/string machine circa 1980.  I got yr J. Carpenter s’track right here…  Beats the ARP STRING ENSEMBLE at its own game.

The legendary Korg MS-20 circa 1978.  As fantastic as this thing sounds, it has the added mind-blowing capability to be controlled by any monophonic audio signal:  patched properly, you can play it by simply singing into a microphone.  Or playing the guitar.  Or the drums.

Hohner Clavinet/Pianet ‘DUO.’  Crica 1975.  One of the most sophisticated electro-acoustic keyboard instruments ever made.  Every key drives 2 separate actions: a full Hohner clavinet (Stevie Wonder ‘Superstition’) and a full Hohner Pianet (The Beatles ‘I am the Walrus’). Fully restored to as-new operation.

Hammond L-100 organ circa 1960.   Like the better-known Hammond B3, this is an all-tube, tonewheel (motorized) driven organ.  44 keys per manual; 13 on the floor.  It has many unusual and useful features which you will not find on other tube Hammonds. Fully restored.


Hammond A100 Organ circa 1960.  The A100 is identical in almost every regard to a B3; unlike a B3, the A100 also has a built in power-amp and three 12″ speakers, as well as a beautiful Hammond spring reverb system.  We also have a large Leslie model 51 rotating speaker cabinet for use with this organ (or anything else…).

Fender Rhodes 88.  Very light action.  Previously owned by JOURNEY. (wtf).

The Galanti Clipper, our current Farfisa-type-instrument.  Has an actually pretty great drum machine built in.

The mighty Kurzweil K2500, the end-of-the-line for technological advancements in hardware synthesizers.  Has every conceivable option board installed.

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