Studio Gtrs and Amps

GuitarsAndAmpsAbove: we’ve gotten a ton of additional vintage tube amps beyond what’s detailed below.  In the image above, at left there is a Gibson Kalamazoo “Reverb 12,” a Multivox Bass Combo (heavily modded), a Traynor Guitar mate; on the right, the great Fender Super reverb.  At right a few of the new basses are visible: a knockoff Gretsch Hollowbody and a 1962 Magnatone Hurricane. 

Fender USA Stratocaster; 1990 MIJ Telecaster; recent USA Jazzmaster.

“James Jamerson” Precision bass with foam mute; recent USA Jazz Bass.

Gibson ES-335 dot neck; Gibson SG MMaker 3 circa 1968.

Harmony Meteor and early Guyatone Electric; both circa 1962 and both setup with flatwound strings.  In the front is an electric sitar; crucial to certain psychedelic rock and soul arrangements.

Kay-built ‘Airline’ archtop; MIJ Yamaha nylon-string; Martin D19; and a Hagstrom 12-string.

A few of our favorite tube combo amps.  CW from top left:  1960 Crown Italian-made accordion amp modded to a tweed-Fender-Princeton circuit with the trem circuit from a Fender vibrochamp; custom built amplifier with ultra-high gain and enormous tube-driven reverb; very rare Danelectro 12″ combo; Ampeg Reverborocket with unusual ‘stutter’ tremolo circuit.

Fender Twin Reverb; 1960 Fender ‘Pro-Amp’ with unique vacuum tube phase-shift circuit.

Sunn Sonaro vacuum-tube bass amp with 15″ speaker; one of the best-sounding guitar amps that I have ever heard.  OK for bass as well.  On the right is an Ampeg 1/2 SVT with hybrid SVT head.

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