RackGold Coast Records features an Avid Pro Tools 10 HD3 system with 32 inputs and Aurora Lynx convertors.

In this photo, you can see some of the outboard equipment available at GCR.

Left Side:

*Olmsted EMI Redd47 type tube mic preamp
*TF Pro Buss Compressor
*Olmsted Type 76 tube mic preamp
*Line 6 Bass pod

*Sytek (aka Neotek) mic preamps (4)
*Ward Beck console mic preamps (2) racked by Tom Grunning
*Neve console mic preamps (2) racked by SONIC
*Altec 1566  tube mic preamps as built by Olmsted Audio (2)
*RCA 9362 Cinema preamp with pentode front-end by Olmsted Audio
*MAM analog vocoder
*Olmsted stereo spring reverb unit ‘vintage style’
*MasterRoom XL-305 stereo analog reverb

Center Row:

*Original API 525 Compressor
*API 500 rack with two 512 preamps, PURPLE audio ODD eq and ACTION compressor
*Shure FP42 Level-Loc style compressor/preamp
*Urei 1176 compressor
*DBX 903 compressors (5), 902 De-Esser, 905 Gates (2)
*Audioarts stereo compressor
*FMR Audio stereo compressors (3 units; 6 channels)
*HHB Tube preamp/compressor
*Eventide H3000
*MAM THC filter unit
*Olmsted Altec 436 type tube compressor

Right Side:

*Patchbays, convertors, and,,,
*DBX 376 for talk-back

New Additions (not in photo above):

*Studio Technologies 750 mixer/preamps (Jensen in/out), 4 channels
*Federal AM-864 Tube Compressor clone

*DOD model R880 Analog Dual Delay Line

*BSS 422 Stereo Compressor/Limiter

Studio Microphone List:

Large Diaphragm Condenser:

*Neumann U47 Fet (original 70s version)

*Neumann U87 (original 70s version)

*Neumann TLM 170

*Neumann TLM 103 (x2)

*AKG 414 (x2)

*Telefunken Copperhead Tube Mic

*Audio Technica 4050

Small Diaphragm Condenser:

*Shure SM81 (x2)

*AKG 451 (x2)

*AKG c519 (x2)

*SE electronics SE1A (x2)

Ribbon Mics:


*Royer R121

*Beyer 260 (x2)

*Shinybox Lundahl Model modded to RCA 44 spec by S. Sank


*Shure 300

Dynamic Microphones:

*Sennheiser 441 (x3)

*Sennheiser 421 (x2)

*Electrovoice RE20

*Shure SM7

*Shure SM56 (original 60s version)

*Beyer M69 (2)

*AKG D112

*Shure SM58, SM57s, Beta 58s, Beta 56, Beta 52s, etc…

*Many many more modern and vintage omni and cardioid dynamics also available

Our Wheatstone SP6 Console.  Setup with 8 Stereo line inputs, 8 mono mic/line channels, and 12 returns (36 inputs at mix).  We’ve fully restored this board to its circa 1991 glory. Wheatstone is a lesser-known pro audio brand;  this thing is made very well, with P+G faders, SIFAM meters, tons of headroom, and transformer-input mic preamps.

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