Meet Us

Chris-247Chris Ruggiero/staff engineer, studio manager



Chris has worked as a music producer and composer for two decades. As a producer and engineer he has recorded dozens of albums for artists spanning the genres of rock (The Fever, The Flesh), Americana (Stephen Kellogg, The Alternate Routes) and experimental music (Touchdown, The Demon, TABLES). As a composer he has written extensively for film and television, including the films “An Economy of Grace,” which won the Doc Short award at the 2014 SXSW film festival and “Hooligan Sparrow” which debuted at Sundance 2016.   His music currently appears in over 100 television series. Chris runs the popular recording-history website Preservation Sound and teaches at the University of Bridgeport.


Hear Chris’ work:

“Don’t Wanna Die On The Road” -Stephen Kellogg (R):

“Morning Sickness” -The Flesh (P, R):

“All Of The Seasons” – Tomorrow Tomorrow (P, R, M):

“December In New England” – The Alternate Routes (R, M):

“Nobody Lives Forever” – Ula Ruth (P, R):



MasaMasa Tsuyuki / technical and spiritual director



GCR principal and Connecticut native Masa Tsuyuki began his career in 2000 with a Western-themed short film that debuted as Slamdance and a feature-length documentary set in Bridgeport.   Soon thereafter Masa was hired to work for Francis Ford Coppola.  For the past fifteen years, he has traveled the world serving as a technical producer on Coppola’s various projects. Masa’s passion for filmmaking evolved from his childhood days playing in indie rock bands and running the Funiculaire cassette label, which he continues to maintain as a banner for his film work and fine art book publishing.  In addition to his partnership in Gold Coast Recorders and his staff position at American Zoetrope, Masa is currently developing a television series and partnering in a new restaurant venture in Napa, California.

See Masa’s work:



tim-289-EditTim Walsh/ freelance engineer



Tim has been involved professionally with music since childhood, originally as a drummer/percussionist and singer. In 2009 he co-founded the group “The Stepkids” which released two critically-acclaimed self-produced and engineered records on the Stonesthrow label. The Stepkids performed around the world, appearing at festivals like Bonnaroo and Glastonbury. His current musical projects include ambient/experimental group TABLES who’s debut S/T record is out now on Safety Meeting Records, as well as The Leevees, who released a celebrated collaboration with Matisyahu in 2015. Tim is currently focusing on producing and engineering from his base in Bridgeport CT. Upcoming releases featuring Tim’s engineering and production include the new record by the band Kung Fu, recorded entirely at Gold Coast Recorders.

Hear Tim’s work:

“Hollywood Kisses” – Kung Fu (R,M):

“Outside of December” – Matisyahu with The Leevees (P, R):

“You And Me” – Benny Sings (M):

“The Lottery” – The Stepkids (P, R, M):